As an enrolled LPCP family, you will pay monthly tuition to help cover basic operating costs. You will be responsible for Parent Helping in the classroom 2-3 times per month, and provide snack when assigned. Parents will also attend Family Education classes and Class Meetings, on average once a month. Each family is required to take a preschool job a fulfill its duties throughout the year. As a co-op, the parents are the ones in charge of the operation of the preschool. Some parents will opt to serve in Board Member positions including President, Registrar, and Treasurer.

Our non-profit school relies on fundraising efforts to provide additional money that may be used for equipment, toys, and scholarships. You may choose to actively participate in fundraisers held throughout the year, or choose a buyout option upon enrollment. Your family will sign up to clean the preschool one weekend during the school year. You will also participate in one Work Party cleanup weekend. In order to promote our school within the community, we often sign up for local events. Your family will choose an event to assist in. You can also expect fun activities for your whole family to partake in!

Our non-profit cooperative is formed by our Teachers, a Parent Educator from South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) and our Parents working together. As an enrolled Parent at Lacey Parent Cooperative Preschool (LPCP) you will also enroll as a student at SPSCC. You will be part of a credit-bearing Parent Education course, all included with the cost of LPCP tuition.

The Parent Educator will offer a variety of discussions and forums on child behavior, development and age-appropriate activities on average once a month. Make-up opportunities will be made available for those unable to attend. In addition, the Parents will take turns assisting the Teacher as Parent Helpers 2-3 times per month, all while the child is learning and exploring in our classrooms.

SPSCC Affiliation

Children learn best through exploration, play and social interaction. Our environment is stimulating and well planned out. We have learning centers set up for science, pre-math, table games and puzzles. We have designated areas for block play, art, sensory table activities, and books. Our dramatic play area is recreated monthly throughout the year to encourage creative play. Our planned activities include stories, music, movement, art projects, group discussions, cooking projects and field trips.

Your Family's Role

Building A Community

Lacey Parent Cooperative Preschool is affiliated with South Puget Sound Community College in order to provide additional support to parents. Support comes in the form of an experienced and knowledgeable parent educator, who helps us become more prepared parents and maintains and strengthens our close-knit co-op family. Parents have the opportunity to earn college credit by participating in free parent ed classes!

Cooperative Preschool Philosophy

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