Evergreens  (4-5 year olds)          Monday-Thursday 1-3:30pm

Teacher Deedre is passionate about finessing our childrens skills that will act as the foundation of their academic journey.  While continuing her personal education in Early Childhood Education at South Puget Sound Community College, she plans to collaborate with neighboring Kindergarten teachers to prepare our children for Kindergarten. 

Come play with us!

Pinecones (2 year olds)          Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-12pm

Although Teacher Kat is a new mother, she knows what she is doing.  She guides our youngest children and their parents through a child directed, often first, learning experience.  Kat is a veteran parent cooperative preschool teacher moving with us from our former Lacey (Lacey Parent Cooperative Preschool) location.  She is passionate about a learning through play experience for young children and she does so with ease!


Saplings (3 year olds)          Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30-12pm

Teacher Audrey is a former Kindergarten teacher with a recent study in Montessori.  With her guidance, we hope to incorporate a variety of life skills activities into our classroom.  And as a mother and parent of a sister cooperative preschool, she has priceless insight on what a parents role is and what they may need to succeed in a parent cooperative preschool environment.