Our teacher will thoughtfully construct a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, emergent curriculum that encourages children's self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self-discipline. Low classroom ratios allow for the development of secure, lasting relationships between children, teacher, and families. The children's teacher is hired by the preschool parents and supervised by the preschool Board. The position of teacher has a double focus. Part of the position is planning and teaching the preschool children. Equally important is leading and involving the parents who are also students taking a course.

The teacher's duties include:

1. Develop and plan a children's program including a) curriculum, b) sequential developmental activities, c) field trips, and d) a predictable daily schedule with flexibility determined by children's needs. These shall be consistent with the children's program philosophy as described in "How Young Children Learn" in the South Puget Sound Community College Parent Cooperative Preschool Parent Handbook.

2. Serve as the head teacher during children's class time, with parent helpers as the assistant teachers. Orient parents to parent helping and classroom procedures and assign tasks as necessary on a daily basis. Serve as a resource person and model for parents.

3. Communicate the few classroom rules to children and parents. Use and model positive guidance techniques based on children's developmental stages.

4. Schedule opportunities to communicate with parents about their child's development, behavior, and progress in preschool.

5. Schedule time with the Parent Education Advisor at least monthly during college teacher in-services, classroom visits by the Advisor, or individual meetings to: a)Conference about children and their progress, b)Plan and improve the children's program and involvement, c)Plan and improve the parents program and involvement, and d)Develop ongoing teaching skills and methods. Attend scheduled teacher in-services sponsored by the college.

6. Know the requirements and benefits of South Puget Sound Community College affiliation. Work with the Board and Advisor to support and explain the parent education course.

7. Attend parent meetings at least three times per year to communicate and discuss children's program philosophy, curriculum, children's rules, guidance techniques, parent helping skills, and classroom issues. Communicate through the preschool newsletter and handouts between those meetings.

8. Attend monthly board meetings to report on plans for the month, classroom needs, and training conferences and in-services. Participate in board decision-making on issues affecting the children's program. Maintain communication with Board and others responsible for preschool business between meetings as necessary.

9. Work with the Board and other teachers to plan and arrange the children's environment and equipment. Request or obtain materials and supplies as needed.

10. Seek evaluation from parents, Parent Education Advisor, peers and Board.  Participate in program and advisor evaluation.

11. Develop a professional development plan and share it with the Board annually. Pursue professional growth through reading, classes, workshops, visits to similar programs and involvement in professional organizations.

12. Maintain high professional standards, particularly in the area of confidentiality.


Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to to be considered for the position. Application deadline February 28th 2019.  Apply today! We look forward to hearing from you!

*Candidates should have teaching experience in a classroom setting. Applicants who currently have or are in the process of obtaining BA, AA or CDA in Early Childhood Education or related degrees are encouraged to apply.